The Process

Thank you!

The outpouring of support in the last week has been wonderful. I have been given great advice, advisement by lawyers and the wisdom of fellow artists who also balance the creative and business ends of being a professional artist.

Just when I thought it might be time to move on to other ventures – I booked 2 portrait sessions and I have an interview with a local gallery tomorrow morning. Throw in some new painting orders for the holidays, promises to provide pieces for a few auctions and do a publicity shoot for the Junior High School play – well, my days are busier than ever doing exactly what I love. Designing, painting, taking photos and editing.

Just two months in, and the process of running a business has not been without joys and frustrations, enthusiasm and a strong desire to throw in the towel. Like anything – it is part of the process of navigating this steep learning curve.

If you would like to read more about an artist’s copyright – check our the AMAZING artist Carrie Waller and her blog coverage of the topic.


Yesterday I officially started documenting “my process” with each piece along with the outcomes.

Here’s a little sneak of what I have been painting.

I like my all of my colors to have depth – therefore every painting has layers of colors below what you see in the end.


the middle

almost done

The end result is a 16×20 stretched canvas for a local charity auction:

St Louis LOVE

And here are a few other fun items – elephants,

elephant pink elephany green

paintings for Cait’s team,

run run

an O’Fallon cheer gift,


some more poppies,


and some pieces in “the works” – any guesses?

a mystery

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Tuesday!

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