As I boarded a plane yesterday, I was ready to be home.

I wanted to be within the walls that contain my husband and children, my fleece pajamas and my bed.

I spent a wonderful weekend in DC with girlfriends. Again and again, I was asked if we are “settled into our new surroundings?” Repeatedly, I confidently answered “YES.”

What is it that gives a house or a community that feeling of security and inclusion?

The décor that marks our style?

The photos that declare our family lives here?

The pillows and blankets that create layers of comfort?

Or does it go beyond the house?


A few weeks ago I had one of those overly scheduled days and found myself with just a few minutes to squeeze in a run through the grocery store. Those few minutes were sandwiched between picking up one child from soccer and another from cross-country. It was the few minutes in the middle of a post-run shower and the time actually spent fixing my hair and putting on some lipstick. I actually remember questioning the idea of going out in public while in a state of disarray. The assurances in my mind of “no one here knows me” were quickly erased by the words “hey neighbor” somewhere in the dairy section.

Public recognition is on my PROOF THAT YOU ARE HOME list.

It falls slightly above shared a meal with friends around your table, but below found a great hair stylist.

With every move, the entire family takes part in unpacking. The kids eventually go off to school. The husband goes to work. I am left with the responsibility of creating a home. This includes the touches that make everyone feel grounded when they walk in the door, as well as tying our family to the local community. In an effort to make amends for our last assignment, I may have gone a bit overboard.

At home, my hours have been filled with sanding and painting and creating furniture for our new home. In the community I have been jumping into fun volunteer opportunities with both feet. The end result has been some wonderful friends, a happy home, and a few wild dreams when my overactive mind panics. I woke up in a sweat when my daily chore of refinishing a desk collided with volunteering to photograph the cross-country team’s races and produce posters and slide shows for our runners. In my dream I had somehow volunteered to re-finish a piece of furniture for all of the 100+ athletes and my three car garage was overflowing with tables and chairs and desks awaiting my time and elbow grease. I am sure a dream analyst would confirm that my subconscious was asking me to slow down a little…..

On this 21st day of October I am happy to report that all posters have been produced, slide show presented and that pesky desk has left the 1970s and is happy in our 2013 office.

Enjoy a few sneak peeks at the projects from the last few weeks, and look for detailed posts on each.

Happy Monday!


A $5 door turned headboard….

art for the bedroom


art for the bedroom…..

wind inspired art: the aspens


A re-done desk

re-done desk


a salvaged side board

side board


photography projects

photo projects

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