Baked Goodness at DEMPSEY BAKERY

This past week has been the most wonderful whirlwind of celebrations, accomplishments, loved ones, and food. Our TX /AR trip was exactly the breath of fresh air that we needed. I have so many photographs to edit and events to write about, it is hard to know where to begin. While I madly sort through images of a Christening, a Confirmation and an Ironman, I admit that my taste buds and growling stomach can’t stop thinking of the most wonderful Bakery. Most friendly. Most delicious. Most knowledgable. MOST WONDERFUL!

During a celebration with friends, I was thoughtfully treated to the most delicious cupcake I have ever eaten. I am not talking, best gluten-free cupcake, I am talking in 40 years of living, BEST CUPCAKE EVER. I knew then that I could not leave Little Rock, AR without checking the place out myself.

Depsey Bakery is located at 323 Cross Street in Little Rock, AR.

Dempsey Bakery is a COMPLETELY Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Nut-Free establishment. Those who suffer from allergies or Celiac Disease can walk in and order anything off the menu without any fears of cross contamination. Every time I enter a restaurant, even a gluten-free friendly one, I quickly scan the menu for the limited number of items that I can order. I can’t tell you what a welcome relief it is to know that everything in the entire place is an option. In addition, they have dairy free and egg free items.

The location has a clean, fresh feel. I love the red and white decor, with large black and white photographs. It has a retro ambience with a completely up-to-date menu, catering to very real nutritional needs. Each member of the staff was friendly and chock-full of information in regards to ingredients and preparation. Here is a look at the bread display. The breads are to-die-for, especially the baguettes.

If you take a close look, you will see that there are samples of everything! I can think of so many gluten-free foods that I have purchased over the years and ultimately I was disappointed in either the taste or texture. I loved the reassurance that I would enjoy my order. What a smart marketing tool. Dempsey Bakery is confident that if you try it, you will buy it. And right they are!

Go ahead – try a morsel of cookie. I suggest the chocolate chip, the chocolate cloud, the lemon, the snickerdoodle, the chocolate, chocolate chip, and… oh wait, I think that is all of them. Each cookie was soft and chewy. These little “tastes” meant that I went home with a few (dozen.)

I enjoyed the soup/sandwich combo for lunch: Potato Soup and a Roasted Vegetable sandwich on a baguette. I wish I took a photo, but I devoured it before I even thought about being a good blogger. Their menu (which can be viewed on their website) gives a schedule of sandwiches. While I ate, I enjoyed the stacks of reading materials for customers to enjoy: Gluten-Free cookbooks and magazines.  I followed it up with a Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. An absolutely PERFECT birthday lunch.

I couldn’t leave empty-handed, especially since I didn’t bring my own gluten-free kids with me. So, I purchased just as much as I could possibly fit in a carry-on suitcase. The treasures made their way from Little Rock to Houston in perfect condition and I am not ashamed to say that the kids and I had a tasting-party in lieu of a big birthday dinner. Who needs champagne and caviar when you can have organic milk and cake?

I treated my family to a wide sampling of breads, cookies and cakes. While everything was delicious, the favorites included:

COOKIES: We loved them all, but the Chocolate Cloud Cookies and Snickerdoodles were the favorites. Their cookies are soft, chewy and generous in size.


Victoria might argue that the Double Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookie out did the rest, but she is a major mint-chocolate chip ice cream fan.

CAKES: While I thoroughly enjoyed my cupcake on site, the Chocolate Drizzle Cream Cheese Cake that I brought home was amazing. It almost reminded me of a grown-up Drake’s Ring Ding.

And a slice of Black Forest Cake was divine, I especially enjoyed the whipped cream icing; it was a nice, light contrast to the rich chocolate cake.

CHEESECAKE – I am a real cheesecake fan and I enjoyed these very much. This would be a perfect choice for someone who prefers a less-sweet dessert as opposed to the truly decadent sweetness of the others.

Overall, I thought that the prices were very fair. I believe that their charges would be similar to a “regular” bakery, or slightly higher, but considering the special, expensive ingredients, they were certainly on par with the Gluten-Free items that can be purchased in a grocery store. I am more than happy to see my dollars spent on a family establishment that provides excellent service, great food and a wealth of information over a mass-produced item in a chain store.

I urge you to check out this gem. Even if you don’t have ANY food issues, it is just so nice to eat in a facility that prepares their own, fresh food without any preservatives. You will not be disappointed in the friendly staff, nor the delightful menu. I guarantee that Dempsey Bakery will be on my Must-Do list each time I find myself back in Little Rock.

And – I will bring friends.

2 responses to “Baked Goodness at DEMPSEY BAKERY

  • Lisa Fisher

    I am in love with this bakery and will take everyone there for lunch! I also brought home cookies and they were gone by evening! So glad you enjoyed it and will look forward to our next lunch when you come back! Miss you!

  • demp dempsey

    Thank you so much for taking the time to give us such a glowing review! We are so blessed to have friends like you. Hope to see you next time you are in town, demp Dempsey

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